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Ride a Cable Car Through Colombia’s Chicamocha Canyon

The first thing I noticed about Chicamocha is that it’s nothing like the Grand Canyon. Often compared to its larger—though shallower—cousin, this canyon in northeastern Colombia tickles the senses in ways different from the Arizona one. Gone are the dusty, craggy, maroon-and-sepia ravines; in their place, a lush and verdant wonder guards its own mysteries.

Chicamocha is more than a pretty face. At 270,000 acres, it’s the size of the entire country of Bahrain and then some. However, one cable-ca

Will You Keep It Together? — Santa Fe Writers Project

There’s a point in your life when life stops smiling back. It maybe catches your eye, looks you over, but doesn’t pause or betray a twinkle of friendliness; it just keeps walking to its table, double-fisting vodka sodas. Then it makes out with your boyfriend.

In its absence, monotony takes over. And when you’re sober, that monotony becomes louder. The tick, tick, tick of the clock becomes the deafening stomp, stomp, stomp of Beyoncé performing “End of Time” at the 2013 Super Bowl.

And you have

Why the 2004-2005 TV Season Remains the Greatest Year in Television

It’s hard to believe now, but there was once a time when Netflix sent people physical DVDs, families planned their weeks around network dramas, and shows had to remain intriguing for 21 whole episodes. “Bottle episodes” were still a novelty; playing with narrative conventions was still unconventional; and Meryl Streep wouldn’t have been caught dead on a 16-inch screen.

To a certain segment of the population, this era in TV history – covering roughly the late ‘90s through the end of the aughts –

A gringo’s guide to ‘Drag Race México’

Listen up, gringos. In Mexico, the announcement of Drag Race México was a big deal. While the online drag competition La Más Draga had already brought drag to Mexican airwaves, Drag Race México was a natural step up with its World of Wonder–size budget. It was also the first Latin American Drag Race spinoff to copy and paste the original Drag Race format—unlike The Switch, which died a quiet death after two years in Chile. But how has DRM fared since its June 22 premiere?

“I think it’s already

The ban on trans women in chess is not just transphobia. It’s misogyny.

Every week, conservatives lose their minds anew. It doesn’t take much to trigger this inexorable natural process; usually it’s something like the new Barbie movie or Minnie Mouse wearing pants. Still, when they channel that misplaced outrage into actual, injurious discrimination, it never fails to shock.

Most recently, conservatives achieved something particularly ugly: The banning of trans women from all official women’s chess competitions worldwide. The decision, enacted by the International

Soapbox: These Everyday Items Trigger Me Now, And I Blame Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

I cannot live peacefully on this Earth anymore. Not without thinking about Tears of the Kingdom, at least. For example, on that same day, in Yellowstone, I also saw a sole blue fan discarded behind a hotel. I immediately looked around for the accompanying glider before remembering that I was an adult man on his way to buy sunscreen.

I know I’m not the only one with this sickness. I know that this is a mutated form of a sickness that swept the planet after Breath of the Wild came out. During tha

Love and self-reckoning: LGBTQ Americans face culture shock while dating in Brazil

It’s happening somewhere between the pitanga trees and banana trees, under the cool shade of the Brazilian pines. It’s happening somewhere on the country’s beaches, between the constellations of bright, slanted umbrellas and golden, tanning bodies. It’s happening under the shadow of Christ the Redeemer, on the colorful streets of Salvador, along the thin shores of Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis. It’s happening everywhere and nowhere and nearly impossible to perceive. It’s a culture war – an

What I learned (and didn’t learn) from my dating misadventures in Brazil

Dating sucks, huh? One day, you’re grabbing pizza with your bestie in workout clothes; the next, you’re in Taco Bell with a stranger pretending you don’t have seven mental illnesses. On top of that, underneath your coiffed hair, Curious by Britney Spears, and Spanx, you’re comparing the stranger to the five others you went on dates that week. “He’s cuter than that guy who took me to the ren fair, but not as cute as that guy who had pubic lice,” you think, assuming the sentence you’re thinking is

The 23 most essential storylines of LGBTQ television history

Modern audiences are so accustomed to LGBTQ storylines that it's almost unusual when hit shows don't feature queer characters. Even Disney has joined the fray, with Star vs. the Forces of Evil, featuring Disney's first-ever same-sex TV kiss in February.

However, it hasn't always been like that. As the LGBTQ rights movement has progressed, certain shows have taken major risks in order to help shape a television landscape that fairly depicts LGBTQ individuals.

To honor those shows, we've compile

‘Glow’ star Betty Gilpin breaks down Hollywood’s over-sexualization of women

Before Netflix’s new wrestling series Glow involves any spandex leotards, we meet protagonist and struggling actress Ruth Wilder at a humiliating audition. She’s seemingly killing it — all hammy rage and bravado — before a producer casually tells her she’s reading the man’s part. Embarrassed, she finds the correct part and nails that too: “Sorry to interrupt, your wife is on line two.”

Even though Glow is set in the ’80s, that scene captures the kind of sexism that we still see too often in tod

Catching Up With Joan and Melissa Rivers

Imagine what it would be like to live with Joan Rivers. It would be amazing, right? You'd have an Oscar-watching partner, for one (one-liners on everyone from Cate Blanchett to Bjork), but most importantly, you'd never be able to leave your house in a half-baked outfit. Joan would stop you at the front door, confiscate your car keys until you change, and burn the thing after you leave. You'd be looking fly 24/7.

But what would it be like to have Joan Rivers as your mother? That's the conceit of

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